Small Business Product

Small Business Options

Business loans at home loan interest rates

  • Create single or multiple accounts for your business out of your home loan
    • Any/All accounts have the option of an offset to reduce interest charged
    • Split loan to differentiate loan purposes
      • Business loan
      • Machinery
      • Motor vehicles
      • Stock
    • Cheque book access
  • No annual reviews
  • Higher loan amounts to property value
  • Lower set up costs
  • Full flexibility on all loans
    • Additional repayments
    • Frequency of repayments
    • Interest Only option
    • Redraw option
  • Full online functionality
    • BPay
    • Pay Anyone
    • Ongoing repayments
    • Direct debit

Don’t pay the higher costs of a business loan when we can wrap it up for you in a simple, effective home loan.