About Oracle Home Loans

Established in 2002, Oracle Home Loans is a company of innovative mortgage managers specialising in helping clients set up the most competitive and appropriate loans.

Mortgage Managers

As Mortgage Managers we have the ability to look after you for the life of the loan. We have more control over the process from beginning to end. The result is our ability to provide a single point of contact for your loan from time of initial enquiry through post settlement enquiries with repayments, redraws and transfers and even to discharge at the time of sale of your property.

Timelines for approval and settlement with Managed products tend to be less than half the time taken through traditional banks. This is due to our having control over all aspects of the process from completing credit reports, ordering valuations and direct contact with all parties involved in loan documentation and settlement.

With the same people that discussed your priorities at the first interview also managing your loan on a day to day basis you will reach your objectives sooner. No interstate or overseas call centre to confuse you with conflicting stories, no ‘new teller’ being blissfully unaware why you would set your loan as you did. Just a local professional team keeping you on track for your goals, your way.

Mortgage Brokers

We love our managed product but… it doesn’t suit everybody.

We have access to major banks, building societies and multiple other lenders if your circumstances are better suited to their services. We will discuss your priorities and take you to the product that best suits your needs. We can save you hours of homework with our knowledge of which lender is most likely to help you achieve your goals at the best over package price for relevant features.

Your costs, product and rate will be the same as going direct to the bank/financier without the hassle of talking to each of them individually.

More Than Interest Rates

Oracle Home Loans believes there is more to a home loan than interest rates. We offer flexibility and options for all aspects of your loan. We aim to give you the product that best suits your needs at a truly competitive interest rate.

Types Of Borrowers

Oracle Home Loans understands every borrower is different. We take care of first home buyers, owner-occupiers, renovators, investors, and those who want to consolidate debts or refinance. Our small business package is exceptional.

Your Priorities

Oracle Home Loans knows life is not static. As the years go by, your lifestyle and priorities will change. We can help you deal with the best way to pay for your changing needs.

Our Products

Oracle Home Loans has its own set of highly competitive and flexible products. You can choose from a large selection of repayment and redraw options. Because the products are our own we can guarantee our service standards today and into the future.

Our Commitment And Credentials

Call Oracle Home Loans today for a free, no—obligation, personal consultation. We can get serious with all the numbers or discuss options over a relaxed coffee. We want you to make the right decision rather than a quick decision so we’re happy for you to take your time and ask as many questions as you need to finish up with the right structure for you.

Our staff are fully trained and accredited with the major mortgage industry bodies, including the Finance Brokers Association of Australia and the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited.

Our Australian Credit Licence Number is 384785