The Oracle Home Loan Process

With our own deals we have greater control of process and timing.

After establishing your needs, wants and priorities, we will complete relevant paperwork and advise you of the supporting items needed to process your loan.

We then have direct access to your credit reports and valuation. Managing this part of the process saves us days compared to other lenders. We are also aware immediately if there any issues we need to address.

With credit report, valuation, application and supporting docs we can now confirm your approval. Depending on the simplicity and strength of the deal we aim to have a result within 48 hours. This allows for mortgage insurance approval if required also.

With Formal approval confirmed Mortgage documents are sent to be signed and returned with evidence of insurance. Feel free to have the documents checked by your solicitor or we will help you complete the forms where we can. With mortgage docs usually in hand within a week of approval, we are now only days away from being ready to settle.

Once all required information has been returned we are only 48 hours from being able to settle your loan. For purchase’s we need all parties to be ready to settle and for refinances we will usually require the outgoing mortgagee to be available to attend settlement and supply titles etc.

With your loan settled we now start to truly look after you…

Within 48 hours you will have all your banking details and account numbers for your loans and offset accounts.

Over the next week or two we will follow up to make sure you are comfortable with the structure we have set and ensure it is working as efficiently as possible to achieve your goals.

Finally, if there is ever anything else you need, we will take care of all your enquiries. No overseas call centres involved. The same people that set the loan will make sure it does all you need it to do.