Post Settlement

Once a loan has settled be assured that your customers are looked after. The team at Oracle Home Loans will look after the post-settlement support with you and your customers.

Helping You

  • Spend more time writing loans knowing your existing customers have immediate access to our post-settlement support team during business hours
  • We will advise you of any dishonored payments and do the follow up work for you if necessary
  • We will advise you of any potential discharges / refinances so you can contact your customers
  • We will send you a reminder of the anniversary dates of your customers loans

Helping Your Customers

Our post-settlement support team will provide business hours support to your customers on the phone, via email or in person to:

  • Help access redraws  
  • Follow up dishonored payments
  • Alter loan splits
  • Change bank accounts and direct debits
  • Process discharges and refinances
  • Access loan statements
  • Follow up on anniversary of loans
  • Support any other general enquiries